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Zombie powder is a mysterious powder wich can raise the dead and give immortal life. When someone has all 12 Rings of the Dead, the rings will give birth to the Zombie Powder. That is the only way of making the powder.


The Zombie Powder isn't an elixir of resurrection, but an elixir of life. It doesn't rules out death, it gives life. Here's what it does when used:

  • On a dead being: Zombie Powder will create new life cells inside the dead body. The person is granted another life.
  • On a living being: "If it's used on a living person, their life multiplies, like a self-sustaining fusion reaction, discharging an immense amount of life energy. The excess life energy will orbit within the shell of the pre-existing "life", expand limitlessly, and collapse the "life" limiter from within... In other words... eternal life!" This means the Zombie Powder will create extra life within the already existing life. This extra life multiplies limitlessly, so your life will never run out.

Powder Hunters[]

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  • Zombie powder is also referred as the Devil's Medicine.
  • Tite Kubo himself comments on the Powder as "a powder that has a really annoying name".
  • While not stated, the eternal life granted by the powder seems to included agelessness.