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Wolfgangina Getto
Wolfina Volume 4.jpg
Wolfgangina Lalla Getto
Personal stats
Name Wolfgangina Getto
Kanji ウルフギャンギーナ・ジェット
Age 18
Gender Female
Height 171 cm
Weight 56 kg
Blood Type O+
Professional stats
Status Active
First appearance
Chapter 9

Wolfgangina Getto, nicknamed Wolfina (ルフィナ), is a busty 18-year-old paparazzi journalist who specializes in criminal expose stories. Her comatose brother Emilio contains a Ring of the Dead, which he found 8 years before the main story line and has been consuming his life force ever since. Wolfina is introduced in the ninth chapter of the series, and joins up with the main characters soon after in order to protect her brother from Balmunk. She fights using a modified camera tripod she calls "the tripod of justice". At the end of the series she agrees to work for Zanza Gemini for a year as an experimental subject in order to pay for the operation removing the Ring of the Dead from Emilio, and is left behind by Gamma and Smith as they continue their powder hunting. Reception of Wolfina's character has been superficial but positive, limited to contrasting her large-breasted character design to the otherwise lanky designs used in the series and remarking on her creative and quirky weapon choice.


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Hometown: Ciudad Iglesias, Bexaio

Academic Career: Arthur Marques No. 2 Elementary School. Dropped out of St. Bernadetta Girls' School.

A journalist from Shuder Doigrecias in the state of Bexaio. Altough she makes a living by exposing the evils of society, her basic belief is that there are more good people than bad in the world. Therefore, she doesn't assume that someone's a villain unless she sees them do something evil with her own eyes. Her flashy looks and "big sister" personality made her queen of the campus during her girls' school days. Her favorite food is her mother's tomato and chicken risotto. She hates eels and roller coasters. Her favorite watches, wich she always wears, are Mileil Turgot's "S.R.B." (Self Respecting Bouncers) series and z-chro's "Master of Adventure". By the way, her bust size is a 40-inch (101 cm) H cup.


  • (Introduction) "I'm just a roving muckraker, dedicated to righting wrongs! Il Giornalista di Giustizia... Otherwise known as the Journalist of Justice! Wolfgangina Getto! Wolfina for short!"
  • "People who use dirty methods to hurt others... will be destroyed with methods that are even dirtier than theirs!! That's what I call justice!! Not to mention... journalism!"
  • "Those who work for the cause of justice can measure their success by how many villains hate them."
  • "If I let the bad guys run free just because I'm afraid of getting hurt... What's that going to accomplish? Those same villains are going to torment other powerless people somewhere else! All I'll have will be regrets! I'm not afraid to get hurt... I'm living on the borrowed time that I took from Emilio... If I was scared of a mere injury... How could I ever face my brother again...?"


  • Her theme songs, as chosen by Tite Kubo, are Fade To Blue by 38 Special and I Won't Be Lonely Tonight by Zucchero.
  • She looks like Mizuho Asano from Bleach.


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