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Walk Like A Zombie
Zombie Powder Volume 4.png
Author Tite Kubo
Illustrator Tite Kubo
Publication date June 5, 2006
Published by Viz Media
ISBN 1-4215-1122-3
Cover character Wolfgangina Getto
Under the clawlike air

Spread out to the point of creaking

Each time I gaze up at the sky I realize that I am trapped within this world

If only that sky would come crashing down Then I could fly far away

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Pierce Me Standing In The Firegarden
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Walk Like A Zombie is the fourth and last volume of the Zombiepowder. manga series.

Chapter list[]

  • Track 22: Lay Your Heart On Me
  • Track 23: Cagebreaker 3
  • Track 24: But still livin' under the Sky
  • Zombiepowdersnow.
  • Track 26: BeLIEve
  • Track For Cut Down/The Nameless Way
  • Extra: Bad Shield United


Publisher's summary[]

A locomotive races across the desert, with a human body fused to the engine...the body of Wolfina's brother Emilio, one of the "hosts" of a Ring of the Dead! With no help in sight, Wolfina fights alone to free her brother...but can anything save him from a fate worse than death? Includes a special bonus story, "Bad Shield United"!

Word from the author[]

This is the fourth volume. I'll have to part with these characters until the next time I continue this story. I'd like to thank everyone who bought all the volumes, including this one, and everyone who stuck with me 'til now. Okay then, see you later!

Important events[]

  • Release of Emilio
  • Gamma, Smith and Elwood save Wolfina, Emilio and everyone from Alcantara.
  • Wolfina leaves to take Emilio to the doctor.
  • Alcantara arc concluded.
  • Clues about Gamma's inner demon and past revealed.
  • Introduction of Angelle Cooney.
  • Gamma's Group arrives at Nazna's laboratory.
  • Emilio's operation starts.
  • Gamma accepts Elwood as his partner.

Chapter cover pages[]


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