The woman in Gamma's dream.

Not much is known about this woman, but is seems that she and Gamma are somehow related. She appears when Gamma's inner demon was gaining control of his body and then he had a vision of her sitting on a rock by a lake. This image of her somehow made him capable of surpressing his demon. She later appears in Gamma's dream. When Gamma was lying on the ground, covered in blood, with an impaled sword next to him, she came to him. Her face is suddenly blooded and Gamma wakes up.

Some time later, when they were at Nazna's house, Elwood asked a maiden where Gamma is, she answered that he's probably at Tatena's place. Elwood saw Gamma walking in the hallway and followed him, Gamma was standing by a nameless grave, and it could be that the grave belongs to Tatena and the nameless woman is buried there. This is however unconfirmed.

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