Ulrika Wismar
Ulrika Wismar.png
Personal stats
Name Ulrika Wismar
Kanji アルリッカー・ウィッスマー
Age 24
Gender Female
Height 162 cm
Weight 46 kg
Blood Type AB
Professional stats
Status Active
First appearance
Chapter 26

Ulrika Wismar is an assistant of Nazna Gemini.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Ulrika has black, half-long straight hair that always covers her left eye. She has blue eyes. As the other assistants, she wears the standard, black & white maid uniform.

B-side NAKED MONKEYS 16.[edit | edit source]

Naked Monkeys 16.png

The black-haired, blue-eyed captain of "Gemini Force", the special combat unit of Gemini Laboratory. Ulrika is always in the company of Nazna and takes care of all her personal needs. She likes Marron Glacé, the skin shed by a Cicada, and reciting poetry. But she can't eat chocolate because she's allergic to it.

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