The Man With The Black Hand
Zombie Powder Volume 1.png
Author Tite Kubo
Illustrator Tite Kubo
Publication date September 6, 2007
Published by Viz Media
ISBN 1-4215-0152-X
Cover character Gamma Akutabi
They all look like the merciless ring that was modeled after a shining love.

I have been captured like a young child who fearfully clings to my right hand in the darkness.

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Can't Kiss The Ring (Of The Dead)

The Man With The Black Hand is the first volume of the Zombiepowder. manga series.

Chapter list[edit | edit source]

  • Track 3: Smith
  • Track 4: Shakin' Edges & Smokin' Barrels
  • Track 5: Face Behind the Mask
  • Track 6: Decieving Jet Joe
  • Track 7: Blackfired

B-side NAKED MONKEYS[edit | edit source]

Publisher's summary[edit | edit source]

Elwood was a knife-thrower caught in a life of crime until he met Gamma Akutabi, class "S" criminal, a man with a six-foot chainsaw and a metal hand. Soon, Elwood is caught up in Gamma's quest for the most precious objects in the world, the Rings that might give new life to Elwood's sister...or make Gamma even harder to kill than he is already. But to get eternal life, they'll have to put their own lives on the line...and look down the barrel of the gun of the only man who is Gamma's equal...

Word from the author[edit | edit source]

Hello, Kubo here. This is my first graphic novel. Mainly, it's all battles. It's completly OK to just read through it without thinking about anything. But if you feel like it, go ahead and recall some of these details as you read. Like for example, in here, the one thing that brings back the dead back to life is not God, or an angel, or a Phoenix, but Zombie Powder. A powder that has a really annoying name.

- Tite Kubo, 2000

Important events[edit | edit source]

Chapter cover pages[edit | edit source]

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