Tasha Forkel
Tasha Forkel.png
Personal stats
Name Tasha Forkel
Kanji タッシャー・フォーケル
Age 22
Gender Female
Height 154 cm
Weight 42 kg
Blood Type BO
Professional stats
Status Active
First appearance
Chapter 27

Tasha Forkel is an assistant of Nazna Gemini.

B-side NAKED MONKEYS 15.[edit | edit source]

Her full name is Anastasia Forkel, and she's in charge of biological sciences at Gemini Laboratory. She has chestnut hair and black eyes. Her favorite things are eggplant, crab cakes, snakes, and earrings. She's a hardcore masochist and her hobby is collecting porno magazines. Jiān is her roommate.

Note: the part above about masochist and collecting porno magazines is actually true. I know it might look like vandalism, but it's true. Just letting you know.

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