Chapter 3, Volume 1
Title Smith
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Smith is the third chapter of Zombiepowder and the third chapter of Volume 1, The Man With The Black Hand.


The chapter begins with Gamma and Elwood entering a new town on a bus. Gamma tells Elwood that there is a Ring of the Dead located in the town, and that he obtained the information from his partner. At this point the bus driver informs the passengers that they have arrived at East Gridgeller Station , and he asks them to please duck. Gamma pulls Elwood down to the ground, as gun fire shatters all the bus windows. Ash Daughter Gang, led by Buckley , bursts onto the bus in search of Rings of the Dead.

Gamma then demands that the attackers hand over all their rings. Buckley realizes who Gamma is and orders his men to open fire. Gamma attacks, knocking down Buckley, but a hired hand stops Gamma from defeating the gang members. The two men exchange attacks, until Buckley takes Elwood hostage.

Result of EventsEdit

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B-side Naked Monkeys 2Edit

Naked Monkeys 2

A Picture of B-side Naked Monkeys 2.

In this edition of B-side Naked Monkeys, Tite Kubo talks about Elwood. Elwood is 151 cm (about 4'11.5), weighs 38 kg (about 83.8 lbs), and has a blood type of BO. Elwood was born on May 10th and is 13 years old. Kubo says that Elwood is the most mature of all the characters shown so far, because he had to take care of his sister. He is also good with household chores and money (stingy). He likes all kinds of food, and is proud of that fact. Elwood is the name of the boss of an American record label, which is where Tite Kubo got the name. Elwood frequently wears clothes with a star on them, all of those clothes are from clothes line known as "Big Fat Star Jack." These clothes are cheap and heavy duty.
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