Sandra thanking Gamma.

Sandra Silverstone (サンドラ・シルヴァ一スト一ン) is the girl who was rescued by Gamma Akutabi from Ranewater Calder. She was captured in the suspicion that she or her father knew something about the Rings of the Dead.

Ranewater himself was questioning Sandra's father when Kuáng Bacley came in to report. She was later used to lure Gamma and his group into Calder's hands, where he prepared to take on Gamma off guard. This failed and Gamma eventually killed Ranewater. She wakes up after that panicking. Gamma sets her at ease and tries to escape. Sandra calls for him and asks what happened to the other prisoners. She explaines where they are and Gamma decides to save them. He frees the prisoners and Sandra is reunited with her father. When the building is about to collaps, Gamma takes the himself, Elwood, Smith, Sandra and the other prisoners to the vault room. He takes the Ring and then the self-destruct mechanism is activated. The others panic and Gamma shouts to stand next to him. He uses the Black Flames to protect everyone from the explosion and the rumble. Sandra and the others realise they're alive and she thanks Gamma. Gamma, not used to being thanked, ignores her. She then goes back home with the other prisoners.

B-side NAKED MONKEYS 9.[edit | edit source]

Naked Monkeys 9.png

Date of Birth: June 18

Age: 24

The girl who was rescued from Calder's place. I had to make a ton of changes to the scene when she was being tortured.

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