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Rune Master Urara (刻魔師 麗, Kokumashi Urara) is a a one-shot published in Shonen Jump in 1996. It is made by Tite Kubo and featured in volume 3 of Zombiepowder..

Story[edit | edit source]

Characters[edit | edit source]

Rune Master Urara characters
Urara Dotanuki.png Kenso.png Senza.png Kotono Tsujikami.png 120px
Urara Dotanuki Kenso Senza Kotono Tsujikami Toryu

Reception[edit | edit source]

  •, voted by 60 users: 6.96/10
  • ...which features even rougher artwork but better writing and storytelling... (in comparison to Zombiepowder. volume 3)
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