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Richard Krisien
Richard Krisien.png
Personal stats
Name Richard "Ricky" Krisien
Kanji ルチャ一ド・クリシェン
Age 19
Gender Male
Height 178 cm
Weight 65 kg
Blood Type No information
Professional stats
Status Active
First appearance
One-shot Bad Shield United

Richard Krisien is the main character in the one-shot Bad Shield United.


Ricky has black, spiky, half-long hair. He has dark eyes. Around his neck he wears a necklace. His SZC uniform is a standard suit, but he wears different clothes when on a mission. Then, he wears a plain white t-shirt, regular black trousers and a long black coat. He has a Forbidden Heart mark on his right hand and a black glove without fingers to conceal it. Before he was with the SZC, he worked in a scrapyard. There he wore a blue overall and a black shirt. He also had a matching blue cap.


Powers & Equipment[]

Ricky weapon.png

Richard handles a big sword. It is futuristic and has pirate-like features. Two wires connect Richard's left wrist and the sword's guard. The sword has a serrated blade that kind of resembles Gamma's sword.


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