Pierce Me Standing In The Firegarden
Zombie Powder Volume 3.png
Author Tite Kubo
Illustrator Tite Kubo
Publication date March 6, 2007
Published by Viz Media
ISBN 1-4215-1121-5
Cover character John Elwood Shepherd
On this gravestone three steps from the sun,

we don't even know why we continue to spin

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Can't Kiss The Ring (Of The Dead)
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Walk Like A Zombie

Pierce Me Standing In The Firegarden is the third volume of the Zombiepowder. manga series

Chapter list[edit | edit source]

  • Track 15: Divisions
  • Track 16: Flamedriver
  • Track 17: The Hyenas Are Calling (Craze & Trigger Happy)
  • Track 18: The Evergreen Birdcage (Append Selfdemonizer Mix)
  • Track 19: Excoriated the Black Butterfly
  • Track 20: Can't Howl My Innerjesus
  • Track 21: No Hesitate, No Fear

B-side NAKED MONKEYS[edit | edit source]

Publisher's summary[edit | edit source]

When the prize is a Ring of the Dead, murder is a small price to pay! Stealing the comatose body of Wolfina's brother (and the Ring buried inside it), Balmunk the mystic lures our heroes to his deadly circus, where fire-breathers and knife-throwers await them. Has master swordsman Gamma Akutabi finally met a foe worthy of his skills? As the circus train races across the desert, Wolfina struggles to free her brother's body before it becomes an ingredient in Balmunk's recipe for immortality. But the ride isn't over yet... Volume 3 also includes a special bonus story, "Rune Master Urara"!

Word from the author[edit | edit source]

For certain reasons, I was forced to start ZOMBIEPOWDER. in a shaky emotional state. In the beginning, I was so critical of what I had drawn that I couldn't even bear to look at the finished product. It's only from the third volume onward that I've finally been able to look at my work. All right, read on! This is my manga!

- Tite Kubo, 2000

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