Nazna Gemini
Nazna Gemini
Nazna Gemini
Personal stats
Name Nazna Gemini
Kanji ナズナ・ジェミニ
Age Unknown
Gender Female
Height 153 cm
Weight 40 kg
Blood Type Unknown
Professional stats
Status Active
First appearance
Chapter 26
Nazna Gemini is a doctor who is a friend of Gamma.


She is first seen when Smith called her to tell her that Gamma's medecine is running out. She tells him that she was already thinking about it. She sent Angelle to them 10 days ago. Smith is surprised and Nazna says that he shouldn't, that she's a good kid.

When Angelle is about to transport Gamma Akutabi and the others to Nazna's lab, one of Nazna's maiden informs Nazna that she's coming. Nazna orders to make the preperations. She then goes with Geraldine and Ulrika outside to meet them. She invites the group to come inside and

B-side NAKED MONKEYS 18.Edit

Naked Monkeys 18

The head of Gemini Laboratory. She has been involved in many federal crimes, all of which she maliciously blames on Gamma. She lives with Angelle, five maid, and many strange creatures. Her area of expertise, as well as her primary hobby, is surgery. Apart from surgery, her interests are fickle and change frequently, to the inconvenience of her maids who are forced to go along with her latest hobby. Her favorite things are coconut, white asparagus, meat dishes other than chicken, pointing out the faults of others and bullying the weak. Her dislikes include okra, cheese and frogs.



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