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Mujata Kinqro

Mujata Kinqro (ムジャ一タ・キンクロ) was the leader of the Grey Ants Gang, untill he was killed by Gamma Akutabi.


Kinqro is a large man, at least twice at tall as Elwood and three times heavier. His hear is blond, standing up into two spikes. At the sides, he has brown dreads. He has a beard and a moustache. He wears a large, black pants with some kind of triped underpants over it. On his belt, he keeps the bullets for his bazooka. He also wears a little vest, exposing his entire front torso. At the back of the vest, it says 'KQ' above a picture of an ant.


Blue Note arc[]

Kinqro breaking in Elwood's house

After he and his gang harassed, attacked and eventually shut down Elwood's family bussiness, Elwood joined the gang to get more money for his sister's treatment. Mujata then taught him to throw knives and pick pockets, and so Elwood became their 'cash cow'. After he found out about Elwood hanging out with Gamma, he taught Elwood was trying to get Gamma's bounty and keep it for himself.[1] He and his gang then went to Elwood's house and started harassing Elwood, revealing against his sister that Elwood was working for them. After Elwood's siter smashed a vase on Kinqro's head, she tried to protect Elwood. Kinqro then simply shot and killed her. Elwood then went into a rampage throwing knives at Kinqro. Kinqo used one of his subordinates as a shield, commenting Elwood sucked at knive-throwing. He forced Elwood to the ground and asked him where Gamma is. If he told them, he'd live for the rest of his life as their slave. But if he didn't tell them where Gamma is, then Kinqro would kill him. After Elwood insulted Kinqro as a pig, he was going to shoot his bazooka at Elwood. But in that very moment, Gamma appeared and kicked him out of the house.[2]

Kinqro slashed by Gamma

Kinqro challenges Gamma into a one-on-one fight. When Kinqro laughed at Gamma's sword, saying he had no chance of winning, since he was holding a bazooka, Gamma said Kinqro talked to much and that he's still afraid he was going to lose. Kinqro then shouts at Gamma they would both attack at the count of three. On three, hew yelled at his subordinats to shoot Gamma. Gamma catches all the bullets with his armored hand and the gangmembers flee. Kinqro shouts at them to come back, that they are cowards. He then desperatly shoots his bazooka at Gamma. He stops the bullet with his bare hand and then slashes Kinqro.


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There weren't too many requests to see these guys, but I felt bad for them since they died right away so I decided to at least reveal their full names.


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