Lechris Rescher
Lechris Rescher
'Pyromaniac Pownder'
Personal stats
Name Lechris Rescher
Kanji No information
Age 26
Gender Male
Height 208 cm
Weight 102 kg
Blood Type BO
Professional stats
Status Alive
First appearance
Chapter 16

B-side NAKED MONKEYS 11.Edit

Naked Monkeys 11
Real Name: Lechris Pownder Rescher

Height: 208cm

Weight: 102kg

Date of Birth: August 17

Age: 26

Blood Type: BO

Hometown: Port Bisckes, Gayne

A fire-eater from Port Bisckes in Gayne. His full name is Lechris Pownder Rescher. He's the No. 3 member of the Balmunk circus troupe. He's one of it's top preformers, and also has a lot of common sense. He likes kids and takes good care of his subordinates. He was the only person who opposed fighting Gamma and his crew when he found out that there was a child involved. (Due to page constraints this plot point wasn't included.) His hobby is to look through picture books of animals. His favorite things are ping pong and green asparagus. He is close friends with Gringo "The Neck Chopper", a guillotine performer. He hates the assistant ringmaster, Falzon.


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