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Kuáng Bacley (コアン・バツクリィ) was the east boss of the Ash Daughter Bandits.


Bacley on his ring hunting party.

He was first seen doing a "ring hunting party" on a bus where Gamma Akutabi and Elwood were on. He announces at the passengers to turn in every ringlike object they had, that one of them might be a Ring of the Dead. Gamma then beats down some of the bandits. Bacley notices his ashen hair, silver coat and black right arm and recognizes Gamma.[1] Bacley was surprised that he was there. Gamma asks Bacley for their Rings of the Dead. Bacley was not inpressed and orders his men to shoot him. Gamma rushes in and beats dow Bacley. Gamma repeats his request, but now he threatens them to death. That's when Smith came in. Bacley then hostages Elwood by putting his gun against his head. Gamma gives in and drops his sword. Bacley

Bacley is killed by Ranewater.

taunts Gamma and then orders his men to take him to the hideout. He then realises he doesn't need Elwood anymore and fires his gun at him but Gamma catches the bullet. Bacley then says to take the kid with them.

After Bacley recieves word of Gamma's breakout, he went to repoort it to his leader, Ranewater Calder. Ranewater said to Bacley that he has made a huge mistake. As punishment, he lets Bacley choose between his stomach or his face. Bacley thought it was going to be a punch, so he chose the stomache. Ranewater pulls out his sword and slices Bacley in two. Bacley falls to the ground as he stumbles "Mr. Calder..."


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There weren't too many requests to see these guys, but I felt bad for them since they died right away so I decided to at least reveal their full names.


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