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Julinoa Kartelainen (ユリノア・カ一テライネン) is the nurse at Roscoe hospital. She is first seen backing up doctor Roscoe when he confronted Balmunk. She is protected by Roscoe when Balmunk drew a gun and pointed at them. Luckily, Wolfina interrupted them. After the incident is settled, Julinoa takes Nina to her room.

She was also there with doctor Roscoe to see off Wolfina. She sees the picture in Roscoe's hanger and asks if those are his daughter and grand-daughter. Roscoe replies that they're his wife and daughter. Julinoa comments that she didn't know he had such a young daughter. Roscoe says that she's not little, that she would be 18 at the time. Roscoe then tells her that his wife left him on a rainy day and she took his daughter with her. On the road to her parents, they collided with a trailer. He then says that the day Wolfina and her brother came in, was also a rainy day. Julminoa comfortes him saying that Wolfina will definitly come back, because it's such a sunny day.

B-side NAKED MONKEYS 13.[edit | edit source]

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A nurse who works at the Roscoe hospital. She's a hard-working 21-year-old from the north country.

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