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Guiffle "The Great Undead Box"
Personal stats
Name Guiffle
Kanji ギッフル
Age 42
Gender Male
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Blood Type AB
Professional stats
Status Dead
First appearance
Chapter 15

Guiffle is a A-Zero criminal who served under Balmunk. He was one of the major troupe members.


Guiffle is a circus performer who specialized in the magic act Blade Box, so he was constantly seen in his box with blades stuck into it. The only parts of his body that are seen are his head, arms and legs. Guiffle's head was only half covered with blonde, sleek hair, which he kept in some sort of pony-tail. The other part of the top of his head is covered with a circular tribal tattoo. He has a full black mustache and piercings through his nose and above his eye.


Alcantara arc[]

Guiffle attacks Gamma.

Guiffle's first appears when Balmunk calls him and the other major troupe members to stall Gamma and his group. Guiffle was to battle Gamma. He reveals himself fairly quick by taking off his disguise. Gamma warns Guiffle to get out of his way if he doesn't want to die, but Guiffle responds to that by slicing off a pillar with so much power that it lands before Gamma. Guiffle says that he too is an A-Zero criminal and that he shouldn't be underestimated. He attacks Gamma saying that he has cut down thousands of opponents without taking a single blow.

Gamma kills Guiffle.png

Gamma easily parries his attack with his metal arm and cuts Guiffle in two. However, Guiffle is not defeated and he demonstrates his power by splitting every part of his box and sprouting an extra four arms, each taking out a sword from his body. He begins slicing and cutting at Gamma with all his arms. He asks if Gamma still underestimates him. Gamma is standing a little further and says "uh huh". Guiffle is surprised and wonders what it is that he has been cutting. It turns out to been his own legs. He turns over to Gamma, but is slain right at that moment.

Powers & Equipment[]

  • Magic abilities: Guiffle displays his magic skills in the form of a sword box. He is in the box himself. He can stick swords in the box and can separate the pieces of the box. He also has some kind of artificial arms that can pop out of the different parts of the box.
  • Sword specialist: Guiffle claims that, using his sword-technique, he hasn't received a single blow. He usually uses two swords, but in combination with his magic abilities, he can use six swords at the same time.

B-side NAKED MONKEYS 10.[]

Naked Monkeys 10.png

Date of Birth: 1/23

This unfortunate middle-aged man had the shortest life span of all the major troupe members. When he's inside the box, the position of his head looks weird no matter how you look at him. That's his solitairy "charm point". But this is what he looks like when he gets out of the box. Yes... I know... no one wants to see any more of this guy!


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