Domenico Roscoe
Domenico Roscoe
Domenico Alfred Roscoe
Personal stats
Name Domenico Roscoe
Kanji ドメニコ・スコ一
Age 59
Gender Male
Height 176 cm
Weight 87 kg
Blood Type AB
Professional stats
Status Active
First appearance
Chapter 11
Domenico Roscoe is a doctor is the hometown of Wolfina and Emilio Getto, Alcantara. He serves as Wolfina's doctor when she's injured because of her work, and as Emilio's doctor when he was eaten by a Ring of the Dead .



Roscoe's wife and daughter.

Some time before the current timeline, Domenico had a wife and daughter. At the time, he spent all his time working and his wife and daughter left him and headed to her family's home. But on a country road, she collided with a trailer and they both died.


Alcantara arcEdit

He is first seen when Baragne Balmunk came to the hospital and demanded that he'd treat his men. Roscoe refuses and says that they have no right to vandalize his hospital.


Naked Monkeys 7
Height: 176 cm

Weight: 87 kg

Date of Birth: August 9

Age: 59

Blood Type: AB

Hometown: Dergit City, Wister

From Dergit City in the state of Wister. Roscoe is a doctor who currently resides in Alcantara. He has a wife, Judith, and a daughter, Ellen. He loves peanuts and hot dogs and has a third degree black belt in Judo.


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