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Daniel Rubeck (standing) and Diran Tobin.

Daniel Rubeck & Diran Tobin (タニエル・ル一ベク & ディラン・ト一ビン) were two former gang members. Their group was whiped out by Gamma and they were looking for revenge ever since.


Waltonville Arc[]

When Gamma walked into a CD-store, they saw their chance. Diran acted like his stomach was hurting and Daniel asked Elwood if he could help him by carrying Diran to the back of the store, where supposedly their bike would be parked. Elwood accepted. When Elwood helped Diran to the back of the store, he pointed a gun at his head when Elwood was looking the other way.

Gamma appears

Elwood was shocked and first thought it was a joke, but Diran axplained that he will kill him to get to Gamma. He said that there was no way of killing him in any normal way, so he decided to just kill his friend. When Elwood shouted that that doesn't even make sense, Diran explained that "that's just the way of the world". As he was just about to pull the trigger, Gamma's swoord came flying in and cut his fingers and gun in two. Gamma then lands between Diran and Daniel. Diran then took out another gun and said to Gamma that he's at close range and that he will die. But Gamma was faster and bifurcates Diran. Daniel then panics and threatens to shoot Elwood if Gamma comes any closer. Gamma was yet again faster and threw his sword at Daniel's shoulder. His arm was torn off and he flees.


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There weren't too many requests to see these guys, but I felt bad for them since they died right away so I decided to at least reveal their full names.


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