Can't Kiss The Ring (Of The Dead)
Zombie Powder Volume 2.jpg
Author Tite Kubo
Illustrator Tite Kubo
Publication date December 6, 2006
Published by Viz Media
ISBN 1-4215-0153-8
Cover character C.T. Smith
Words don't exist so that

we can tell the thruth; they exist so that we can conceal the thruth

Publication Order
Preceded by
The Man With The Black Hand
Followed by
Pierce Me Standing In The Firegarden

Can't Kiss The Ring (Of The Dead) is the second volume of the Zombiepowder. manga series.

Chapter list[edit | edit source]

  • Track 8: Search and Bangaway
  • Track 9: Tripod of Justice
  • Track 10: Wolfina (Has No Lips to Tell You)
  • Track 11: Rocker & Mystic
  • Track 12: Ring of the Dead (My Love Will Eat You Up)
  • Track 13: The Evergreen Birdcage
  • Track 14: Killer Circus
  • Extra: Ultra Unholy Hearted Machine

B-side NAKED MONKEYS[edit | edit source]

Publisher's summary[edit | edit source]

A knife-thrower. A sharp-shooter. A martial artist with a metal hand. And now...a journalist?! Meet the newest member of Gamma Akutabi's gang, the amazing Wolfina, as deadly with a camera as her friends are with a gun. Their goal is to find the Rings of the Dead...but only Wolfina knows the Rings' true twisted nature firsthand, having seen them turn her brother into a mindless husk. Does the secret of eternal life now dwell in her brother's body? And what kind of human vultures would pry the secrets from his remains? Includes a special bonus story, "Ultra Unholy Hearted Machine"!

Word from the author[edit | edit source]

"Hi, it's me, Nancy.♡ I live inside the refrigerator at Tite's house.♡ I think the series willalready be over in Weekly Shonen Jump by the time you read this, but thanks for buying volume 2.♡ You're so wonderful.♡ It makes me want to put tooth marks all over your body.♡ Oh no, I'm running out of space. Okay then, 'bye."♡

- Tite Kubo, 2000

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

Viz Media's cover.

Viz Media has released volume 2 with a different cover. This one features Gamma Akutabi.

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