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Bad Shield United is a one-shot published in Shonen Jump in 1997. It is made by Tite Kubo and featured in the fourth volume of Zombiepowder..


Ricky and Mille observe the hideout of the terrorist organization "The Great Southern Snake". They notice a woman on the domain. They recognize Rachel Ramirez, Maddy Ramirez's lover. By the "Forbidden Heart" mark, they know she's a Shield, more specifically, a model PD-25. Ricky says to Mille to move out.

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The Forbidden Heart mark.
Shields are "automated combat androids". They were originally made for the army, but lately, there has been a market for private use of Shields. To battle this problem, the SZC was founded, with the purpose to investigate, stamp down and rehabilitate illegal Shield trade. There is only one way to tell a Shield from a normal person: the mark of the Forbidden Heart.

Ricky and Mille run towards Rachel and Ricky shouts he's from the SZC, to put her hands up and to come with them. Rachel immediately starts to run away. Ricky yells at her to stop, but Mille says it's Ricky's fault. They get in the car and chase her. However, they don't seem to catch up to her. Ricky takes out a megaphone and shouts exactly what he said before. Rachel replies that the SZC are evil and that they're going to turn her into scrap metal. Ricky says that's not what they do and tells her their mission. They have to kidnap Rachel, take her hostage and threaten the terrorist Maddy Ramirez to stop his plan. Ricky asks Rachel to just give herself up. Rachel says that that would inconvenience Maddy. While she keeps talking over her back, she accidentally runs of a cliff. Ricky and Mille go get her, and surprisingly, she's alright.


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