Antonio Scamandero (アントニオ・スカマデロ) was the leader of a desert gang in the hometown of Wolfina. He was in the middle of his sinister bussiness (raping a girl dressed as a crossdresser), when he was caught by Wolfina. He ask who the fuck she is and she replies that she's just a roving muckraker, dedicated to righting wrongs. She then introduces herself as Wolfgangina, Wolfina for short, the journalist of justice. She then flees while giving her autograph. Scamandero freaks out and orders his men to capture her. Eventually, Wolfina escapes.

Scamandero hit

Scamandero is hit by Wolfina's tripod.

He is seen again when he catched up to Wolfina (after she met with Gamma).[1] He said that she had been running for two weeks and that she pissed him off. He then intimidates her saying that she got nowhere to run and that he's going to blow her to pieces. He rages on saying that since her article his gang had shrank to one third of what it used to be and that everybody calls him "The Queen". Wolfina then talkes big and tells the entire gang to bring it on. She beats the entire gang and explains that she hadn't been running away from them, she had been waiting for Scamandero's gang to shrink, so that she could beat them all herself. Scamandero then freaks out again and pulls out his gun, he shouts at Wolfina that she shouldn't get a big head. He shoots and Wolfina ducks, but Gamma catches the bullet. He tells her that a tripod's no match for a gun. Right then, Wolfina shoots her tripod right in Scamandero's stomach. Scamandero hasn't been seen since.


Height: 168 cm

Weight: 70 kg

Age: 28

Leader of the desert gang, the Snods. The 28- year old with the nice hairdo... hold on, he's only 28?! By the way, he's a virgin.


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