Angelle Cooney
Angelle Belle Rose Cooney
Personal stats
Name Angelle Cooney
Kanji エンジェル・ク一ニ一
Age 11
Gender Female
Height 145 cm
Weight 36 kg
Blood Type AO
Professional stats
Status Active
First appearance
Chapter 25
Angelle Cooney is a girl who lives with Nazna Gemini. She is in love with Gamma.

B-side NAKED MONKEYS 17.Edit

Naked Monkeys 17

Hometown: Santa Ferrica, Clikemear

Academic Career: None

From Santa Ferrica, Clikemear. The child of the unknown painter Claude Cristopher Cooney and Julia Tiffany Cooney, the former Miss Clikemear. She is a beautiful young girl with pale white skin, deep blue eyes and honey blonde hair. Angelle's mother disappeared when she was two years old. Her father is currently serving a prison sentence for locking up and committing violent acts against a minor; he has three years and two months left on his sentence. When Angelle was seven years old she went to the Gemini Laboratory and met Gamma, and she's adored him ever since. Her favorite things are Gamma, whipped cream, strawberry flavored snacks, her color pink and photographs. She doesn't like dogs (because they bark), news programs (because they're boring), sitting with her legs tucked under her (because it cuts off the circulation in her legs), garlic (because it stinks), and onions and carrots (because they taste gross). She uses powers that are similar to psychic abilities and she calls herself "the lovely young psychic savant" but actually her abilities aren't psychic; it's something closer to Gamma's "chain arts".


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